Welcome to my site!

This is a space for pieces drawn from observation and experience. For the woke. For the conscious.

I take a look at humanity and what makes us human through the eyes of a human.

“What was once upon a time a man of persuasion, charm and endearment

Is now a reactive plant in meltdown

Fertile with a manly seed of reproduction

Bringing forth all manner of malformation,

stillbirth and slowly manifesting in radioactive death.

I’m in awe at the feedback from the mirror

The aborted made it through the birth canal

Now the Caesarean tests are my glaring failure.”

The Caesarean Concubine

“The father of my child is dead

I am not in any form of sorrow

He is now in the place of his kin

Where the brooding cousins of satan are roasted with pitchforks.”

The Father of My Child is Dead

“I found my voice and with it I now speak. I shout in whispers that carry in the wind to distant relatives across the world and beyond borders, my word caressing their ears & arriving with the weight of many blessings and as they seep into their hearts, merriment of soul.”

– Origins, A Place called Rest